Paul Papadimitriou
Paul Papadimitriou
Global keynote speaker, innovator, TV, radio and stage presenter

Paul is a global keynote speaker
futurist & TV/Radio/Stage host



Paul Papadimitriou is a sought-after keynote speaker & futurist, with a focus on innovation of the human experience.

He has given keynote addresses in front of audiences reaching up to 20,000 people, and appeared on national TV, radio and media in more than 50 countries.

Trained in global affairs, serial technology entrepreneur, and creative at heart, Paul advises a variety of organizations, from venture to startups, large companies to governments.

He builds immersive experiences with a global footprint — he successfully translates the world of new technologies into experiential journeys shaped around a new augmented, nomadic & tribal consumer.

His thinking appeared on The Economist, ABC, Channel 4, TF1, ABS-CBN or the Japan Times.

Organizations like Microsoft, EY, Unilever, Criteo, Conde Nast, Lagardere, eBay, EDF, Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu, Motive Partners, SABMiller, QBE, MIT, Tumblr, the EU, the International Air Transport Association, the ITU and many others have trusted him to challenge them.

As a keynote speaker, Paul has addressed audiences —up to 20,000— in more than 50 countries for Fortune 100 companies and public audiences alike — Bell Labs, TEDx, Paris Motor Show, Norwegian School of Economics, Millennial 20/20, ITU World Telecom, Engage Dubai, IMMAP Manila, ARUP, New Context Tokyo, SXSW, European Venture Summit, etc.

His presentation style and his cinematic slides are considered the best in the industry and have received immense praise globally.

Paul has shared stages with and live interviewed leaders like fmr President Barack Obama, frm Prime David Cameron, Microsoft CEO Staya Nadella, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Rakuten founder Hiroshi Mikitani, or the Prime Minister of Greece amongst others.

He hosts extraordinary events, like Hello Tomorrow, Le Web, STEP Dubai, StartUP NYC, or for private customers.
Clients hire him to co-create and host video shows that he hosts, most recently The Download for EY.

He has launched multiple shows looking into the future: The Future of Finance, for a private equity in NYC, The Pain of Scale, for a VC firm in London, Layovers, on air travel, his most successful podcast to date.

Since 1994, Paul always has been at the forefront of innovation with an intense focus on the customer experience. In 1995, he was building websites when nobody knew what the web was. In 1998, he was helping creating the first mobile web services and maps for Nokia phones, when nobody knew what smartphones were. In 2007, he was building social media services, when few had already been there. In 2013 he was launching podcasts, before its wave.
Since 2008, he’s been consulting on innovation, ahead of what is today one of the most sought capability.

Paul is a Swiss, a Greek and a Finn. He has called Tokyo, Geneva or Manila home. He now resides in London.

In 2019, Paul has so far travelled to 12 countries, for 87,000km, given 14 keynotes speeches, hosted 4 major conferences, filmed a 4 episode corporate TV show, recorded 28 podcast episodes, drove the innovation program for the travel industry …and celebrated one wedding as a priest.


"Phenomenal! Best presentation I've seen in my life."
— Intercontinental

— Conde Nast

"We recited your keynote word by word the next day. Congrats!"
— Microsoft

— Paris Car Show

"Amazing thinking and visual expression, we're inspired"
— Siemens

"We couldn’t have pulled this off without you"
— Bell Labs

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